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06 Nov

By Michel R Dussack

On Thursday October 20th, Alberta Cross, GIVERS, and Portugal. The Man played arguably the biggest show of the 2011 edition of the CMJ Marathon at Terminal 5. Alberta Cross, a band with origins both in Europe and New York took the stage first and played a solid 30 minute set, winning over many new fans and surely pleasing the fan who yelled out to them that he came to the show just to see them. It wasn’t hard to see why they garner enough dedication to have people come to the massive Terminal 5 to catch a short opening set. The band plays their music with an insane amount of energy, with vocalist Petter Ericson Stakee frequently coming to the edge of the stage to get right in the faces of the fans. At one point towards the end of their set, he took this one step further, hopping off the stage and into the photographer’s pit to get even closer to the crowd. While often classified as “folk rock”, Alberta Cross is so much more than that, nearing alternative on some of the heavier tracks, and country on some of the softer tracks.

GIVERS took the stage next and the indie pop group from Louisiana proved that they could easily handle playing on a large stage, something I had doubts about after catching them at the much more intimate Ace Hotel that afternoon. Vocalists Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson frequently trade lines and harmonize together, giving the band something that easily distinguishes them from the countless other indie pop bands out there right now. Tiffany Lamson can be seen as the bands secret weapon as she provides vocals, additional percussion, xylophone, and ukulele during the bands live set. Throughout their 35 minute set, the crowd was dancing, and many in the crowd seemed already familiar with the band’s material, most notably single “Up Up Up”.

By the time Portugal. The Man took the stage, the crowd was sufficiently warmed up, though whether or not they were fully ready for the nearly 2 hour, 24 song marathon set is debatable. Kicking things off with the massive hit “So American”, it’s clear there’s something about this band that can’t be captured on their records. Perhaps it’s their high energy performances, their outstanding lighting and stage designs, or even their dedicated fans. The crowd was something completely unexpected for many who’ve never seen the band before – moshpits broke out, and crowdsurfers came sailing over the railing frequently. Opening with one of your biggest hits from your newest album usually means a band is going to focus on new material solely, and while most of “In The Mountain In The Cloud” was played throughout the night, it would be a while before the band would even think of playing another track from it.

A roaring cover of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” came early on, something unexpected, at least from this reviewer. This was no straight cover though – the band made it their own, making it sufficiently heavier, and dare I say it, headbanging material. Old favorite “AKA M80 The Wolf” followed and the crowd really started to go insane. A blend of older hits and newer numbers would follow, each track seemingly morphing right into the next one. Popular cover “All The Young Dudes” would come a couple songs later, prompting a massive sing-along. When the band launched into “Elephants” next, it was clear that it wasn’t just covers that the crowd knew nearly every word to. Portugal. The Man then started alternating old song and new song, each one prompting a larger cheer from the crowd. By the time the last song “Sleep Forever” came, it was hard to imagine that the band could last much longer.

After a brief encore break, they returned however, for a 5 song encore that pushed what was already an outstanding performance over the top, into one that many will not soon forget. Most notable was a brilliant cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, something that many bands would never even think about attempting. They would then go on to play “Guns and Dogs”, and close the show with “Chicago”, off their debut album “Waiter: You Vultures”, a real treat for the long time fans at the show. If it seems to you that Portugal. The Man crept up out of nowhere to be playing to a near sold out crowd at Terminal 5, you’d be right. Just last year they were playing at the much more intimate Highline Ballroom. However, it’s clear that they belong in bigger venues, and that the reason behind their success (not to mention loyal fanbase) is their amazing live shows.

All photos by Michel R Dussack




17 Jan

By Stephanie Kibbe

You listen to a band’s music, you hear great things about their live performance, you even check out photos online of these past performances that everyone is raving about, but really, you never have a 100% idea of what you’re getting yourself into the first time you check out a band live. This was the case for me and my first encounter with Ghostland Observatory at Terminal 5. I had really enjoyed what I heard on their latest release, Codename: Rondo, heard they were spectacular live, but really had no idea about what to expect after that.

I dreaded having to trek up to Terminal 5 (as I have mentioned previously how much that venue gets on my nerves), but told myself that at least I’d be graced with Mux Mool’s presence in addition to Ghostland’s, so it wouldn’t be ALL that bad.

It wasn’t that bad at all. It was actually a pretty amazing time had by all.

I’m not entirely sure why Mux Mool was first up for the night, because the energy in his performance got the crowed all riled up. People were dancing along and overall just going nuts. Things died down a bit during DJ Jack’s set, but once Ghostland took the stage things took a dramatic change for the best.

I will now try to put into words what seeing Ghostland Observatory is like. If you take both the zealousness and looks of Andrew WK and Russell Brand and made a love child from the two, frontman Aaron Behrens would be their rocktastic bouncing baby boy. In addition to his overall ability to command the audience to dance till they drop, the visuals for this show were out of control. So many lasers. Dare I say Terminal 5 is the only space in NYC that can possibly handle that kind of spectacle. It was as if someone broke into my electronica dreams. It took everything I felt about their music to the next level. I was having a blast. I didn’t want the night to end.

It was around that time that Behrens said, “I’m gonna tell you this because I care about all of you: this is your last chance to dance.” The crowd must have listened closely to his carefully chosen words because they responded accordingly and went wild during the last song.

This was one of the best shows I attended in 2010. If you see that Ghostland Observatory is coming to your part of the universe, you drop everything and you go and dance your face off, you hear me?

04 Nov

Florence May Very Well Be A Machine (of Perfection) by Britnee Foreman

Have you ever been so excited to go to a show you can’t eat all day? (oh, no? yeah, me neither. Who…who does that?) Okay allow me to nerd out a bit. I have been waiting to see this particular show for about a year. It is part of the reason I got this gig in the first place. On Monday I got to see Florence and the Machine at Terminal 5. It is one of the biggest venues I have been to in NYC and it was packed wall to wall with an assortment of fans. Old hippies to young twilighters crowded into the venue to see the flame haired goddess dance and skip in an almost nymph like fashion and, well, sing.

The seemingly soft spoken Florence Welch has one of the biggest voices set to music. It’s powerful, strong, encompassing and resonates through ones entire body. Her lyrics are often dark and sometimes macabre but always set to beautiful melodies.

Florence was preceded to her stage by her five person band including piano, guitar, bass, drums, and harp. I love how a harp is integral to her over all sound. Out comes Florence in an ethereal white dress with….a cape. If you’ve seen her music videos it might seem like she has a special affinity for capes. But that’s ok, because it seems like she is quickly becoming indie music’s superwoman. The fact that I got a ticket at all was a miracle, because she sold out both of her New York shows, months ago. I spent the entirety of “Howl” just trying to find a spot in the three story venue to even be able to see her. During some of the songs she had an auxiliary drum next to her up front, and used the drum stick as a magic wand/conductor’s wand to lead the audience to sing with her.

Besides her huge stage presence, she has ridiculous energy. Jumping and running all over the stage for the entire set. She didn’t slow down once. You definitely get what you pay for when you go to a Florence + the Machine show and so much more. It is enchanting and entrancing and you can’t help but want more when it is over. She has a few more shows left stateside before she returns home to the UK, so if you have the fortune of being able to go see her, you definitely should. It is one of the concerts that you will remember your whole entire life.

• Howl
• Drumming Song
• My Boy Builds Coffins
• Girl with One Eye
• Cosmic Love
• Blinding
• I’m Not Calling You a Liar
• Between Two Lungs
• You’ve Got The Love
• Strangeness and Charm
• Rabbit Heart
• Kiss with a Fist
• Dog Days Are Over

09 Jun

Eleven years into their career, Louisville’s My Morning Jacket have released five highly acclaimed, classic albums, the live concert album and DVD Okonokos, and have been revered for their legendary live performances. With such an expansive catalogue, it’s been impossible in recent years for the band to perform every last MMJ favorite for one venue… that is, until this October. In an unprecedented move, New York City’s Terminal 5 will be presenting a historic five night run of shows where the band will perform one of their albums in its entirety on each night.

The stint will kick off on Monday, October 18th with a performance of the Jacket’s debut, 1999’s The Tennessee Fire, and will be followed chronologically by their other four full-lengths, ending with 2008’s Evil Urges on Saturday the 23rd. After the given album is performed each night, the audience will be treated to a mix of favorites from the band’s catalog as well. The series of shows are sure to put a magnifying glass over the chameleonic band’s history, highlighting their remarkable tendency to perpetually evolve.

All of the dates will individually go on sale June 18th but for fans who want the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing all five nights, there will be a special pre-sale. Five-show ticket packages will go on sale June 14th. As with their current upcoming headlining tour dates in August, the band will be donating $1 from each ticket to a local charity. Please see below for more info on each charity and to purchase tickets, head over to www.terminal5nyc.com.

BUY A 5 DAY PASS HERE (On sale 6/14 at 12pm)

Individual show tickets go on sale Friday 6/18 at noon.

October 18 – The Tennesee Fire / Charity: Safe Haven of Pike County
www.safehavenofpikecounty.org (TICKETS)

October 19 – At Dawn / Charity: The Innocence Project
www.innocenceproject.org (TICKETS)

October 21 – It Still Moves / Charity: 826NYC
www.826nyc.org (TICKETS)

October 22 – Z / Charity: New York Cares
www.newyorkcares.org (TICKETS)

October 23 – Evil Urges / Charity: Sustainable South Bronx
www.ssbx.org (TICKETS)

02 Apr

(Review/Photos by Stephanie Kibbe of Some Kind Of Awesome)

Just before they hit the stage, I heard a few people around me say that they had been waiting for 10 years to see AIR live. As an “AIR virgin” myself, I wasn’t really sure how an hour plus of such ethereal sounds were going to have an effect on the crowd, but everyone was absolutely into it. AIR sent all in attendance of their sold out show at Terminal 5 here in New York City into a state of total and complete state of serenity last Friday night. Opening with “Do The Joy”, the crowd was quickly blanketed in the soothing sounds from their latest album, Love 2. There appeared to be not a single amateur fan in the building – the kind of shows I live for. A new song would begin and everyone would cheer at the selection and then proceed to slowly dance and sway with the music.

During their performance I found myself fascinated with Jean-Benoît Dunckel‘s set up. After almost every song, a tech would come out with a flashlight attached to his head a la coal miner style (sans helmet) and tweak his synthesizers. The care and attention to detail that went into the production that night was very apparent and the audience was much appreciative of that. The band made sure to play as many of the crowd favorites as they possibly could from each of their albums. Everyone (myself included) was especially happy to hear “Venus”, “People In The City”, “Cherry Blossom Girl”, “How Does It Make You Feel”, “Kelly Watch The Stars” and the ever popular “Sexy Boy”, from their 1998 classic Moon Safari during their encore.

Ending the blissful evening on “La Femme D’Argent”, I found myself wanting to hug every single person on the way out.

Do The Joy
So Light Is Her Footfall
J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau
Missing The Light Of The Day
Tropical Disease
People In The City
Don’t Be Light
Cherry Blossom Girl
Be A Bee
How Does It Make You Feel
Alpha Beta Gaga
Kelly Watch The Stars
Heaven’s Light
Sexy Boy
La Femme D’Argent

(Click to enlarge) All photos by Stephanie Kibbe

16 Mar

Playing a second consecutive sold out show at Terminal 5 in New York City, Alice In Chains ran through a nineteen song set, five of which were off of the band’s new album Black Gives Way To Blue. (Unfortunately, two songs written on the set list “Black Gives Way To Blue” and “Junkhead” were left off most likely because of curfew rules.) The crowd ran the gamut from Chains fans from the height of their popularity, to young college age kids. What makes Alice In Chains such an epic band to see live is their precision in maintaining their sound from their previous albums. When you hear the band live, you feel like you’re listening to Jar of Flies or the band’s self titled album on your stereo. Maybe it’s because the rhythm section of Sean Kinney (drums) and Mike Inez (bass) is as solid as ever. They make playing music seem effortless rocking out even while they smoke when playing classics like “No Excuses” or “Down In A Hole.” Guitarist Jerry Cantrell is the same virtuoso he was in the mid 90s, maybe even better. Cantrell makes new AIC songs like “Check Your Brain” and “Your Decision” sound like they could’ve made the band’s album Dirt. Frontman William Duvall is the ringleader on this tour and no one disobeys nor strays from course. It was only three years ago that Alice In Chains frontman William Duvall was known as “the new guy.” Duvall had a difficult journey in succeeding the former lead singer of the band, the late Layne Staley. Alice In Chains fans didn’t want someone ruining the band’s music or a twisted clone of Staley. Three years and a new album of recorded music later, no one’s disappointed in Duvall, who’s no longer “the new guy”; he’s the lead singer of Alice In Chains.

1. All Secrets Known
2. It Ain’t Like That
3. Again
4. Check My Brain
5. Them Bones
6. Dam That River
7. Rain When I Die
8. Your Decision
9. Got Me Wrong
10. We Die Young
11. A Looking In View
12. Down In A Hole
13. Sickman
14. Sludge Factory
15. Acid Bubble
16. No Excuses
17. Would?

Black Gives Way To Blue (not played)
Junkhead (not played)
18. Man In The Box
19. Rooster

(Click on pics to enlarge)

26 Aug

The Audio Perv had the chance to catch Nine Inch Nails at Terminal 5 last night for the 3rd NYC show of NIN’s Wave Goodbye Tour. The Horrors opened and they were respectable but kind of forgettable. It was hot, sweaty and packed. NIN came on at around 9:05 and played for about 140 minutes. Peter Murphy from Bauhaus (BLAH!) was introduced by Trent Reznor as the guy who first took NIN on board into NYC many years ago. Murphy kind of scares us and his voice is as appealing as sitting on a pool cue. Anyways, we were in the back but managed to take a few photos and videos. Check ‘em out:


17 Jul

The Dead Weather played the first of two sold out shows last night at Terminal 5. It was a hot sweaty mess as there were a lot of douchebags talking throughout the whole set about the Yankees, getting super drunk and how they saw TDW eating dinner at El Centro earlier in the night. Otherwise, it was a great show (though I wish they had played a little longer!). Alison Mosshart was all over the place, chain-smoking and rocking out. Jack White also proved that he’s definitely the only real musician in The White Stripes. Anyways, check out these cool pics courtesy of Danielle Villano (first two) and Krysten Brown (all the rest) and some videos from the show:

Update: Happy Genius Heroes also has some cool pics from the show.