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01 Dec

By Kevin Seaman

Now I’ve seen it all. Tuesday night, Scott Weiland performed for an audience of about 100 fans at the iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son in promotion of his new Holiday Album, “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.” The album consists entirely of traditional Christmas tunes such as “White Christmas” and everyone’s favorite- “Winter Wonderland.” Although the album doesn’t exactly qualify as a milestone in Weiland’s highly successful and equally tumultuous career, one could say that he pulls off this collection of un-hatebale songs in his own bizarre, eccentric, Scott Weiland-esqe way.

I’ve been a huge fan of all Scott Weiland’s projects since I was but a young lad, and I’ve followed his career very closely all the while. I like to think I’ve been considerably more patient with his bad habits and attitudes over the years than most fans (and certainly his band mates) were willing to be. For me, the reward has been what I believe to be an excellent and emotionally charged catalogue of music that spans many genres and musical styles.

The iHeartRadio Theater is definitely one of the most exclusive venues I’ve been to in New York. The standing room holds no more than 200 folks, and is just about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. It’s not a place to hang out. It’s a place to catch a very brief live performance from some of the biggest names in the business. I had fairly high expectations for the show- being all exclusive and all; but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think, “what if he’s messed up on drugs, and makes a fool of himself?” It’s hard for me to imagine Scott’s voice sounding anything less than great, but I guess I hadn’t seen him perform in a while.

In true rock star fashion, Weiland didn’t take the stage until about 7:45 p.m., 45 minutes late. He began talking about the “Holiday Album”, and his newfound appreciation for the string jazz ensemble that worked with him on it. I hoped the string section would remain on stage for more than just the Christmas songs, but they did not. I was curious to know what it would sound like to hear some acoustic “strung out” STP tunes.

Let me go on record stating that I am the last person on earth that wants to write a negative review about Scott Weiland, but it’s hard to call this performance an all out success. In the studio, Weiland’s voice still sounds as smooth as ever, but at age 44, I believe the man has lost the perfectly raw live Rock performance voice of yesteryear. The 3 Christmas tunes he opened with were actually his most flawless songs of the night vocally. His voice sounded great on them, although the feeling in the crowd was as awkward and confused as I’ve ever been party to at a “rock and roll concert.” A drunk buffoon in the front row kept disrupting Scott on stage, and seemed to have a boy crush on him. A solid 5 minutes of show time was spent listening to this guy make a fool of himself. He was quite entertaining, and was then escorted out by a friendly pair of security guards. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. After the three Christmas tunes, Weiland performed my favorite song of the night, “Killing Me Sweetly”, a gem from his most recent double-disc solo album “Happy In Galoshes.” Next, Scott got emotional while talking about touring with STP and the old n’ days. When I heard the opening notes to “Wonderful” off STP’s “Shangri La-De-Da” record, I was very pleased. I expected him to play a bunch of the commercial STP tunes (Sour Girl, Interstate Love Song, Plush, etc.) so this was a surprise. He warned the crowd to bear with him, and apparently for good reason. Although it felt great to hear this deep track played live (especially in such an intimate venue) I knew the words far better than he did. It was a great idea, but it was clear that this song had not been rehearsed- ever. I thought about grabbing the microphone and helping him out. Probably should’ve done it. Oh well. I’ll give him credit for one thing- he certainly wears his heart on his sleeve. He was completely lost in his songs, and I really understood it. I’ve been there with some of his songs and countless others, and to see what looked like genuine emotion pouring through the microphone was pretty special. On the other hand…. I guess it can also be difficult to determine whether rock stars are caught up with emotion or are just unbelievably high, but I’m not one to speculate. Weiland continued with a very sloppy yet jazzy version of the STP hit “Vaseline”. Then we heard a strange rendition of Velvet Revolver’s “Do It for The Kids”. Again sloppy, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why he decided to pretend he was David Bowie. I mean….he really sounded like him, but it was just strange. He closed the show with around 10 minutes of improvisational hard-rocking-jazzy-hip-hoppy-loungey musical jambalaya including some intense, epic percussion.

It’s certainly no secret that rock stars don’t age like wine. Scott Weiland will always be remembered as one of the most talented rock vocalists of his generation, but I do believe his ability to really wail on songs like “Dead and Bloated” has evaded him. This is not necessarily a bad thing! He still has a strong, mature, and captivating voice- but I just don’t think its built for stadium rock tours anymore. On the whole, this was an interesting show to say the least. Clocking in at just under an hour, I am lucky to have been in attendance. If you’re not familiar with Scott’s solo work, please check out the albums “12 Bar Blues” and “Happy In Galoshes”. Good dirt.

Photos by Kevin Seaman

06 Dec

Fall To Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Mental Illness–the critically acclaimed gripping memoir written by Mary Forsberg Weiland with Larkin Warren–will be released in paperback December 7th via It Books/HarperCollins Publishers (list price $14.99).

In Fall To Pieces, Mary–mother, model, bipolar disorder survivor and recovering drug addict–reveals the extreme highs and lows of her life with refreshing candor and unflinching detail. She beautifully tells the story of her life, including her longtime relationship with ex-husband, Stone Temple Pilots/former Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland. In Fall To Pieces, Mary offers a window into the world of modeling and rock ‘n’ roll, while at the same time providing deep insights into the drug and alcohol addictions that could have killed her, and her serious and misunderstood mental illness.

Mary felt it was important to share her story, despite fears of how revealing her personal battles might affect her family. She explains her reason for writing Fall To Pieces and why she felt bipolar disorder was an important subject to address: “I reject the stigma that the words ‘mental illness’ carry and I’d love to be a part of the movement to eliminate it. After my bipolar diagnosis, I read countless books on the subject. I had a difficult time connecting to them because my story often lacked the intense mania that so many people struggle with.”

While the holidays are a joyous time of year for many, they can also be especially difficult for those who suffer from mental illness or depression. Mary hopes that Fall To Pieces may help provide some understanding, laughter, and insight for those struggling with similar demons. “The holidays can be an emotionally taxing and lonely time. My biggest dream for Fall To Pieces was that others might find the strength and a little bit of that light that lifted me from my darkness. I have received an overwhelming response from so many readers who were able to connect with this story. The dialogue we’ve shared over the last months has been one of my most cherished gifts. Thanks to the many who have discovered it, the book has a life I never could have imagined. It’s humbling and inspiring.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of “Loveline” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” and author of The Mirror Effect and Cracked, has noted: “Mary Weiland’s beautifully crafted memoir takes the reader through the journey that is so very common today, the slow drift into addiction and mental illness. Fall to Pieces is perhaps the most vivid rendition of this experience I have ever come across. Honest, clear, and accurate, Mary takes us into the reality of a world that is idealized in the tabloids. I have always loved Mary and Scott Weiland, but never more than now.”

Here a sample of the critical praise for Fall To Pieces:

“…a harrowing story of addiction and mental illness.”

–People Magazine, November 9, 2009

“…a worthy addition to the rock canon.”

–Maureen Callahan, New York Post, November 15, 2009

“For all the death and devastation detailed in its pages, the book is surprisingly funny.”

–Dean Goodman, Reuters, November 24, 2009

“…she chronicles her extraordinary life with equal shades of whimsy, humor, honesty and hope. From an international modeling career and her marriage to legendary Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland to struggles with mental illness and addiction, Mary has crafted a poignant and essential portrait of growing up. It’s impossible not to identify with many of the moments in this tome—some heartbreaking, some hilarious, all real. It’s easily one of the most powerful books you will read this year.”

–Rick Florino, Artistdirect.Com, November 19, 2009

Mary is currently studying for her certification in drug and alcohol counseling with a focus on co-occurring disorders at Loyola Marymount University.

For more information on Fall To Pieces, go to:

13 Jan

FYI, Slash knows animals and he loves the zoo. Yeah I know, I thought the zoo is what Guns N Roses called their backstage area (because of that crazy giraffe Duff). Apparently he visits zoos while he’s on tour and now he’s supporting the construction of the Pachyderm Forest at the Los Angeles Zoo. It’s going to to cost $42 million dollars to build six acres for 5 Asian elephants and 3 of their babies to walk around and it’ll have two pools and a waterfall (Geez! I wanna live there!)

“It’s really beautiful,” Slash said. “It’s really well done. It gives the elephants an amazing amount of room to move around. I’m a huge advocate of this particular exhibit.”

Karen Poly, a 25-year animal keeper at the zoo, said she has “always been impressed with Slash’s knowledge of animals. In many cases, he is even able to identify the different subspecies, something that most people can’t do.”

Go here for more on the city’s battle with the zoo.

25 Nov

Scott Weiland was on the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ 106.7 yesterday morning. Scott talked about having a security alarm problem at his house, doing a ton of promo for the new album “Happy in Galoshes”, (“I probably haven’t work this hard since ‘Core’”), picking singles in Stone Temple Pilots (overcoming the popularity of “Plush”) and more. Check out the interview by clicking on the flash button below:

Weiland on Kevin and Bean 11/24/08

25 Nov

There had been a lot of rumors and some bad reporting about Velvet Revolver no longer being on RCA Records. No one had any real confirmation of anything until now. Thanks to the people at MSOPR, we finally have a press release with the final details:



Finding the new lead singer for VELVET REVOLVER is a formidable task, and the remaining members knew this would be the case when they dismissed their former singer, Scott Weiland. So in June 2008, SLASH, DUFF MCKAGAN, MATT SORUM and DAVE KUSHNER approached RCA Records and asked to be released from their recording contract, as they felt they needed to have complete freedom to go through whatever process it would take to accomplish the goal…freedom from any timelines, pressures, influences or interests other than finding THE best guy. RCA Records honored the band’s request.

Carl Stubner, the band’s manager, says: “We’re incredibly grateful to RCA and Ashley Newton for their passion and hard work and for the success they achieved with Velvet Revolver through the band’s first two records. The band is thankful that RCA understood the task at hand and has allowed the band to continue on their own.” Stubner added: “This band is comprised of some of the greatest rock musicians of the past three decades. They have built a brand with a solid foundation on a global level. And their sole focus has been, and continues to be, finding the singer/songwriter who will stand alongside them.”

21 Nov

A few sites out there are reporting the following: Slash’s Official Fan Site has been updated with the following post: “On the net, rumor has it that RCA has dropped Velvet Revolver. Slash says that while it is true that VR is no longer with RCA, the truth is not as negative as the rumor. I investigated into this matter and I learned a few things: 1.Slash’s Official Fan Site might be the worst official fan site I’ve ever seen and 2. the news that’s being spread around was posted a few days ago and there’s no source for that information (Please prove me wrong) and it was posted before the whole Slash video on gay marriage. I’m guessing that Slash’s Official Fan Site was posting what everyone else was. Let’s wait for an official word from Slash or from his website. By the way, Velvet Revolver is still listed on RCA Records website. Then again, record label websites are more neglected than grass.

18 Nov

This is a long post so make sure that you scroll down to read everything because you know you’re craving any news on Scott Weiland.

You can stream Scott Weiland’s album “Happy In Galoshes” in full now on Scott’s myspace.

LA Weekly recent went into Scott Weiland’s studio to interview him and he looks more puzzled, confused and cautious than the cigarette companies on 60 Minutes. Here’s how Erin Broadley described the studio:

Past the entryway, one walks through a hallway lined with gold and platinum Stone Temple Pilots records and into the main room lit mostly by candlelight and oriental lamps that cast a red hue over the myriad instruments (and several Samurai swords) that fill the space. The floor is layered with patterned rugs, all rich in color, and the hand scrawled notes on the walls suggest late nights of fevered songwriting. It is a sanctuary of sorts — a den of creativity that Weiland refers to as a “church” — hidden in an narrow alleyway alongside an otherwise nondescript Los Angeles street, quiet and removed from the whirlwind city that screams outside its walls.

You can watch the video below.

In-studio Interview with Scott Weiland for “Happy” in Galoshes from on Vimeo.

Playboy Interview brief via Music Radar:
“When I told Slash I was gonna do some festivals with Stone Temple Pilots, he said, Thank you for being straight up with me. It wasn’t until later that another member of the band had some issues with it.

“It’s a shame certain people have a hard time letting go of past resentments and try to throw them onto other people.

“When you start bickering about little piddly financial things, it takes the fun out of it for me. We’re all doing pretty good, so if you’re going to fuck the relationship up over this, I don’t want to be involved.”

And finally, here’s an updated itinerary of Scott’s schedule for the next few months including a new concert in Philly and some album release parties:

Nov 21 2008 The Jay Leno Show Los Angeles, California
Nov 23 2008 American Music Awards Los Angeles, California
Nov 24 2008 Virgin Megastore Appearance Hollywood, California
Nov 25 2008 CD Release Party! Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 26 2008 Jimmy Kimmel Live Los Angeles, California
Dec 1 2008 WMMR For Hunger Drive Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 2 2008 Release Party @ Gramercy New York, New York
Dec 3 2008 WBCN Boston Appearance Boston, Massachusetts
Dec 6 2008 Borgata Atlantic City, New Jersey
Dec 7 2008 WRFF Acoustic Show Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (onsale 11/22)
Dec 16 2008 Voodoo Lounge Kansas City, Missouri
Dec 17 2008 KPNT Appearance St. Louis, Missouri
Dec 18 2008 Q101 Chicago Appearance Chicago, Illinois
Jan 16 2009 La Zona Rosa Austin, Texas
Jan 17 2009 Warehouse Live Houston, Texas
Jan 19 2009 Center Stage Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 21 2009 TBA Baltimore, Washington DC
Jan 23 2009 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 24 2009 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, New Jersey
Jan 26 2009 TBA Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 28 2009 St. Andrew’s Hall Detroit, Michigan
Jan 30 2009 TBA Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jan 31 2009 TBA Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 2 2009 Gothic Theatre Denver, Colorado
Feb 5 2009 Grand Ballroom San Francisco, California
Feb 6 2009 The Pearl Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 7 2009 TBA Los Angeles, California

16 Nov

Blabbermouth is reporting that a source inside RCA Records is saying that Velvet Revolver have been dropped from their record label. The band had two records out on RCA. Contraband came out in 2004 and almost sold 2 million copies. “Libertad” came out last summer and didn’t even sell a quarter of that. No wonder they might’ve gotten dropped. Scott Weiland must be smiling wide.

14 Nov
Pic courtesy of bluesteel1983 on flickr

Duff McKagan, Velvet Revolver’s bassist/ex Guns N Roses bassist/dude who always looks like he’s fucked up, was on “The BJ Shea Morning Experience” on Seattle’s KISW 99.9 FM radio station on Monday and he talked about kicking out Scott Weiland and why they had to do it. Check out the whole thing by clicking on the player below the excerpt.

Duff: “We [VELVET REVOLVER] had gotten rid of [singer] Scott [Weiland], last, it was actually on April Fools Day of this year….”

BJ: Was there any irony in that, by the way, Duff?

Duff: “It was kind of cool… it was kind of cool. It was the ‘step into my office, you’re fired’ kind of thing. I have to say. We went through a lot…he put us through a lot of crap that last tour. So it was kind of that feeling. We were getting through the gig, we were in Amsterdam…. we were getting through our last few songs. I started to get, I can’t lie…. a little giddy. ‘This going to be great…this is going to be great.’ So we got done, and yeah… Slash and I did the ‘step into my office’ thing.”

Steve Migliore: “So you guys were on stage and the rest of the band knew?”

Duff: “Oh, we knew four months prior we were going to do it. We just wanted to finish the tour.”

Steve Migliore: “Wow.”

Duff: “It was kind of cool. I mean, it wasn’t cool that we had to do it at all. We put so much work into that band…but we had been through so much… anguish is too dramatic of a word… but B.S. on that tour. And Scott is a great guy… but he’s just got this other demon that gets in the way of him being a great guy. And it got in the way of us doing good business. We were coming on late and he missed a couple of shows. We had to cancel two tours. . . He’s just got so many things…. ’cause I have the same disease he has. In saying all this, I can make fun of some things, like saying we went through some B.S. and it felt good to have him step into the office. But all funning aside, he has the same disease that I have and a lot of us have and that is alcoholism and drug addiction. He is in a different stage of addiction than I am. I don’t use or drink, and I’ve done things to help me through life, and I have a great life. There are some that are just less fortunate.”

13 Nov

In a continuation of the interview with MTV, Scott Weiland talked more about his album as well as about STP and VR.

re: the new record
“When I look at people like Beck and even, unfortunately, Elliott Smith, who was one of my favorite singer/songwriters, the ability to do what you want to do at your own pace is appealing to me,” Weiland said. “You don’t really have any fiduciary responsibility to anyone but yourself. But being in a band, you do. It’s like, you can’t just say, ‘You know what? I don’t want to tour.’ You just can’t.”

re: being sued by Atlantic Records to stay in their contract and record a new album
“It’s pretty f—ed up, actually,” Weiland told MTV News last week. “I don’t know who we would record for. I’m not into recording for Atlantic Records, and there are some legal issues there. Originally, I was told — and I was told for years — that we were free from Atlantic. I don’t know how it is that [bassist] Dean [DeLeo] and [guitarist] Robert [DeLeo] are free from [Atlantic], and [drummer] Eric [Kretz] and I are not. I have no interest in making a record for a major label. If we were going to make a record, I would want to do it in a way that was much more original and in a more creative fashion.” Dean and Robert were able to be released from their deal to work on some solo stuff and on their side project band with Richard Patrick of Filter, Army of Anyone.

The label sued Scott Weiland and Eric Kretz to keep them in their recording contract. Both guys want out of their deal unless changes are made. Atlantic wants to hold onto them as long as possible, even up to three more albums.

The band is still however working on new material
“I know those guys have been writing, and there’s been some really cool stuff that’s come about from that,” he explained. “I’m proud of everything we’ve written. But to make another record would mean another couple of years of my life dedicated to that, and I just don’t know if that’s where I see myself going.”

re: Why VR didn’t work
“Velvet Revolver fell apart because there were too many big egos in the band — and I’m including myself,” he said. “It wasn’t necessarily about bad egos, just big egos, and unfortunately, it just mistakenly kind of eroded.” (this means it’s because Slash wanted to be the Guitar Hero, Duff the Zen who says he’s off drugs (bullshit), Sorum who couldn’t keep his mouth shut and Kushner who was too boring for anyone to talk about.

Read the rest of the article here.