Old Foo vs. New Foo (Guess which Taylor likes?)

The Denver Post sat down with Taylor Hawkins for a little interview and preview of the Foo Fighters shows at Red Rocks which ended up getting postponed because Dave Grohl hurt his vocals screaming about his rider (Just Kidding. He really was sick though). Taylor says that the first album is his favorite because it was “simple and fun” and he was a fan of the band back then. He says even though the songwriting’s progressed (partially because Dave can play the piano now (watch out Trent Reznor!), he still considers the Foo to bea “garage rock band” which I guess I can see with all these crazy jams they do lately like this one:

I remember my “rockstar” days where I’d jam out for hours, I mean minutes on end.

Click “>here for the rest.

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