Crazy Courtney Love throws suicide themed bday party for daughter

Psycho bitch Courtney Love threw a “goth” suicide-themed birthday party for her daughter Frances Bean’s 16th birthday. Frances Bean is Kurt Cobain (the Nirvana dude) and Courtney Love’s daughter. And we all know how Kurt died. So yeah.. Courtney… you’re sick. But hey, let’s hear what her rep had to say about the party:

“It was a lovely party with a live band, In & Out Burgers and a bunch of 16 year old kids.”

Here are some actual details from the invitation thanks to Metro:
‘My one and only sweet 16…..eerrrr actually it’s my “suicidal 16″.’

Turning the sordid theme into a competition, she then encourages her young mates to look as ‘dead’ as they can, saying: ‘WE ARE ALSO HAVING A CONTEST its the “who can look most dead contest” if you dress up dead and are picked as the top 3 you will receive an: IPOD TOUCH and a $200 gift certificate to amoeba.

‘So get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can. there will only be 3 WINNERS’, signing out as ‘xx franny’. Ugh, people are mad weird in Cali.

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