Old Fries 09/20/08

Old Fries is a new weekly feature that we’ll be running here at The Audio Perv where we’ll list news with a note or two that we were too lazy/disinterested to cover during the week. There will be some cool finds here so make sure to stop by.

Former Atlantic Records head/Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg wrote a book that isn’t about politics finally but about music. I’ll have my own review once my library gets it.

The new Metallica sounds better in a video game than it does on the CD. “Shocking”

Listen to the new James Bond theme by Jack White and Alicia Keys. WTF? The new bond movie Quantum of Solace (crappy name) comes out in November.

Led Zeppelin wont get back together because they hate all the BS and paperwork. All they have to do is put on a show and sign their names, lazy bastards.

Bon Jovi is playing Live Earth India. It finally worked. We’re deporting Jon Bon Jovi.

Weezer is going back into the studio in November because the current album tanked big time.

Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM were injured in a plane crash. Damn sucks, hope for a speedy recovery.

50 Cent vs Kanye West Round 2. This is the most hip hop we’ll ever talk about. Unless it’s about T.I. who’s awesome.

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