Exposed! Product Placement in Lyrics of Songs has an excellent article about The Kluger Agency, a product placement agency, who emailed Double Happiness Jeans about having their name/brand prominently mentioned in the lyrics of an upcoming song by a major artist. Unfortunately, Double Happiness Jeans isn’t a real company but a virtual sweatshop that was set up as a display for The Sundance Festival. Oh, and the creator of Double Happiness is Jeff Crouse of the Anti-Advertising Agency who was more than happy to post the email on his blog. Adam Kluger, the dumbass, has sent repeated emails and requests for Crouse to remove the email and has even threatened him with a lawsuit for defamation because of the comments that Crouse’s readers have posted. Crouse has refused mainly on the grounds that Crouse is an idiot and that the comments are not of his own but of his readers. You can read the email here and the great article from Wired over here.

Just a quick note, we’ve all recognized how rappers/hip-hoppers/shot-callers/ballerz/cash-money millionaires/gang-bangers always mention cars, courvoisier or some other brands in their songs but it’s never truly been made public that there were agencies helping with all this. This is crazy but it makes sense considering how much crap is mentioned in Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock songs.

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