New 30 Seconds To Mars “Kings and Queens” (Listen Here)


30 Seconds To Mars is an interesting band. I can never fully decide if I like them or not. Do I hold Jared Leto’s celebrity status against them or do they just not rock hard enough for me? “The Kill” was an excellent song that was overplayed on multiple formats. Anyways, here’s a new song from them “Kings and Queens.” It sounds kind of like Angels & Airwaves/Filter/Switchfoot. That might turn some of you off but listen to it anyways and make sure to leave your opinion.

“Kings and Queens”

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  1. Heard this on my morning commute today and felt that I had jump online and listen again in order to decide if I like it or not. I’m still on the fence. There are moments when I think to myself, “This song is really good!” and then something…. “formula” happens. Let me explain, It sounds to me as if the band was only able to come up with 2/3 of an awesome song and filled the other 1/3 with lessons learned from reading something like ‘How to Write a Rock Song in 30 Minutes or Less’. *cringe* It’s funny to me that you mention Jared Leto, because I found myself pondering the L factor as well. To be honest, I almost wish that I had missed hearing the D.J. announce their name before the song started. My verdict: I just don’t know if I like it. I simply can’t decide. I can only go as far as to say that it’s ambiguously good; just like the band. I think.

  2. I love u for making this, they have overdon themselves with this new album and i thank you so much for it!

  3. I completely agree with Liz, I can’t figure out if I like it or not. It would’ve helped not to know it was 30stm…cuz it sounds nothing like them it reminds me of u2. they are my favorite band still tho.

  4. I Heard this song on my way home from work today, and I really enjoyed it. I never would have guessed that this was 30 Seconds to Mars, it doesn’t sound like them at all. Bbut I really like their new sound!

  5. BEST SONG EVERRRR!!!! i heard it on kerrang and havent stopped listening to it, such a sickkkk song, more like their older/better stuff

  6. J’adore, le mot qui me vient toujours depuis que je tombe pour
    30 stm : majestueux. si si c’est vrai ! Et du coup là…. j’adore.

  7. What a nice throback to the age of anthems… Not as hard of a rocking song as I may like, but well done and appealing in it’s easy to pallete simplicity. Kind of a cross between Bon Jovi, U2 and a little Meatloaf with a lovely articulated style that only Jared can deliver with such conviction. Thx for exploring that and taking a chance! It paid off…

  8. Wonderful song-you guys are great and make unforgetable music. This song makes me close my eyes and take a deep breathe Love your voice Jared Please keep making great music for the world to hear.

  9. New listener to the band altogether….like some of their previous stuff. I think this song appeals to new lisetners. I heard it on the radio and was pleasantly surprised it was 30stm because I honestly didn’t think it was “their style”. Nonetheless – I find myself at a place that when I listen it is an anthem to me. Words are simple, beats rise and fall…the climax. I’m by far not a Rock God or Librarian but for what it’s worth, I like it….

  10. i think there kings and queens is a good song but i’ve heard it on the music videos on vh1 like four times since it came out. its going to get burnt out really quick if they keep playin it like every other song…

  11. When I first heard it I was in another room…noticed wow good song…went to see what it was and fully expected to see Bono. They sound A LOT like U2…which is a huge compliment!!!! Good job Jared!!!

  12. When I first heard the song I was in class and a friend let me hear it in it’s entirety on his cell. Though I couldn’t remember the exact lyrics or beat less than 5 minutes later, I knew it was an awesome song. Something stuck, something I wasn’t concious of, and once I had the album myself it became my favorite song. That inherent awesome-ness is what makes this band one of the best I’ve ever heard!

  13. I really like this song……not a big fan of 30 seconds to mars but they found a great formula with this song. Some of you older people might here the U2 influence on this one.

  14. Not a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars, but I always loved Leto’s voice. I have the album A Beautiful Lie and it’s pretty good, but when I heard Kings and Queens I was BLOWN AWAY.

    I totally agree that this song is U2 status, it’s that good. And the music video was stunning as well. Great combination. <3

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