Sugar Red Drive Listening Party (Listen Now!)


Sugar Red Drive have released their self-titled debut via Sugarbear Records. Hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY, Sugar Red Drive consists of Archit Tripathi (Vocals), Jim Knauss (Guitars), Davey Alexander (Bass), and P.J. Gasperini (Drums). Influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Led Zeppelin, Sugar Red Drive bring a strong alternative sound, with infectious rock and earnest, sincere songcraft, including album single, “One More Time,” which features churning riffage and snarling lead vocals. Billboard Magazine claims, “the track has a muscular foundation and a just-right fit of aggression and hooks that set the band up for an impressive start.” To celebrate the release, we’re having a Sugar Red Drive album listening party where you can listen to EACH song off the band’s self-titled debut! For more on Sugar Red Drive, go to and pick up their album on iTunes!

1. Wicked Sister
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/01 Wicked Sister.mp3[/mp3]

2. Velvet Leash
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/02 Velvet Leash.mp3[/mp3]

3. One More Time
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/03 One More Time.mp3[/mp3]

4. Red Machine
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/04 Red Machine.mp3[/mp3]

5. Grace
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/05 Grace.mp3[/mp3]

6. Miller’s Daughter
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/06 Miller’s Daughter.mp3[/mp3]

7. Liar
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/07 Liar.mp3[/mp3]

8. Overdrive
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/08 Overdrive.mp3[/mp3]

9. In My Head
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/09 In My Head.mp3[/mp3]

10. Comin Down
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/10 Comin Down.mp3[/mp3]

11. Somebody Else
[mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/11 Somebody Else.mp3[/mp3]

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