TAB the Band Interview, new album Zoo Noises out now!


TAB the Band’s one of the most promising rock bands of 2010. The alternative-indie Bostonian rockers have just released their album Zoo Noises. Having toured with Stone Temple Pilots and Chris Cornell, these guys are ready to explode on their own. We had a few minutes to speak with TAB the Band’s frontman/bassist Adrian Perry. Be sure to pick up Zoo Noises now on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

    Listen to the single “Old Folks Home” below:

The Audio Perv: What’s exactly the meaning behind the name of the band, TAB the Band?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab1.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: What type of music were your parents listening to when you were younger?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab2.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: Your music has a very traditional rock n roll sound with some blues infused in it. Who would you say your influences are?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab3.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: You’ve released a few singles out now for your upcoming album Zoo Noises. Tell us a little about Zoo Noises and what can we expect?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab4.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: Your current single “Old Folks Home” was inspired by you visiting your grandparents at an old folks home. Is that right?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab5.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: The lyrics tell a really interesting story of aging and mortality. It’s pretty visual. Do you have plans of making a video for “Old Folks Home”?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab6.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: What’s your favorite post show drink?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab7.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: You’ve toured with a lot of bands. Who’s your favorite so far?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab8.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: Up until almost last fall, TAB the Band was a three piece consisting of you on bass, your brother Tony on guitar and Ben Tileston on drums. How has the addition of Lou Jannetty on rhythm guitar helped out the band overall?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab9.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: Many people seem to go into the same career route as their parents. With your father being a famous musician, did you feel pressured to do the same or did it simply turn out this way?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab10.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: You’re from Massachusetts. There used to be three really good rock radio stations there, WBCN, WAAF and WBCN. Which was your favorite to listen to?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab11.mp3[/mp3]

The Audio Perv: Ok, fantasy scenario. You’re creating a music supergroup but there are a few rules. You can either be the manager or in the group. Anyone choose in the group must be living and cannot be in your current band or family. Who do you choose and for which instrument?
Adrian Perry: [mp3]/wp-content/mp3s/tab12.mp3[/mp3]

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