Five O’Clock Heroes are thrilled to announce the February 15th release of Different Times. Although the Anglo-American group has always been based in NYC, this marks the first time their music will be properly released in the United States. Their previous two efforts, Bend To The Breaks (2006) and Speak Your Language (2007), were confined to the shores of Europe and the UK. As a preview of what is to come they’re making the single “Rough Boys” available for free at Band Camp.

“The up-beat jam has your head bobbing from beat one and is stuffed with bright pop guitar riffs.” – Filter

Unlike its predecessors, Different Times was recorded during a scant five day stretch in the studio with Grammy winning engineer and producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Bloc Party, Albert Hammond Jr.). The songs had already been thought out and fully formed on the road, practiced and tweaked during sound-checks until they were ready for an audience and further refinement. As a result the album carries a visceral live sound built around what the band found connected with their listeners while on stage. Benefiting from little time to over think recording, Different Times is stripped down to the winning interplay between bright pop guitar riffs, splashes of soulful organ, and lead singer Antony Ellis’ yearning yet rough hewn vocals. In the process the album evokes the moody pop of The Jam, the groovier side of Elvis Costello a la “Watching the Detectives,” and dare we say the fun of Dexys Midnight Runners.

The ultimate genesis of the album comes from The Five O’Clock Heroes desire to finally release an album in the United States. It had been frustrating to live in New York, yet only have their records come out in the rest of the world. With Different Times they are eager and anxious about their opportunity to make an impression on their home turf.The Five O’Clock Heroes will be playing many gigs this fall and winter as they approach the February 15th release of the album. Including a November 5th performance at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. More dates TBA in the near future.

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