Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers 2011 Grammy Awards Performance

With an introduction from David Letterman, Bob Dylan performed “Maggie’s Farm” with Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers. Mumford & Sons also performed “The Cave” (iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD, Vinyl) and The Avett Brothers performed “Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promises” (iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD). Check out the entire video below:

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  1. Dylan sucked! Friggin’ frog croaking, so you couldn’t tell if he hit any wrong notes since he wasn’t even singing! Looked so pleased with himself and posing awkwardly, like he thought he was choreographed. Too bad the others on stage with him – who managed to sound pretty good notwithstanding Dylan’s rasping – didn’t drown Jim out.

  2. Blue, are you familiar with Dylan’s later work? That is what the guy does now. No surprise really. He was at his inimitable best, but admittedly he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Best section of the event for me.

  3. Blue,Bobs voice has never been pretty and no doubt its worst than it ever was.but he’s Bob Dylan ,the guy who merged folk into rock,I believe both Mumford and sons and the Avett
    brothers felt honored just to be on stage with him. Like Jim said,not everyones cup of tea
    but beyond a doubt one of the most influential
    people in history .

  4. I love Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan (need to still listen to the Avett Brothers) but this performance is what annoys me about the Grammys. Mumford & Sons blows their hearts out on a condensed version of “The Cave” and then right away a curtain opens to reveal, ladies and gentleman, the Avett brothers, who go on to achieve a similar frantic musical catharsis only to be topped by the entrance of Bob Dylan. I understand that’s the format of the show but it cheapens the music and re-establishes the mindset that each song is just a bit of a circus act, an auditory commodity, merely a chiclet (to quote Jonathan Franzen). Here’s each band performing their shtick. On the other hand, I’m glad that these bands (minus Dylan whose already a superstar) are getting their due, because they are much more talented and interesting than ten Biebers or GaGas.

  5. Tony Bennett used to sing beautifully but can’t hit the notes now. He should hang it up and let his recordings speak for themselves. So should Dylan, who sounded like his ascot were strangling him. Legends should stay legendary

  6. Never could understand why some folks seem so determined to attack Bob Dylan. Why so angry? Why so hostile? We who love Bob love every phase of his voice and we know that most people have hated said voice from the start. Give the guy a break.

  7. Hey–Bob’s been performing for 50 years! Have a little respect for one of the greatest legends of American music. He is very raspy now, but people complained when he was 23 and had a powerful, expressive, but never pretty voice. Loved Mumford and Sons also!

  8. Give me someone like Bob over any of the other nominees anyday whether you love or hate the voice.

    I think someone like Bob has earnt the right to stop performing when he decides its time (I mean Lady ga ga and the like shoulnt even be making records in the first place). Bob Dylan will always be a legend so Bob and also the people that inspired him played music for the love of it not like the “stars” of these days who are just out to make money out of a gullible public and dont really have an iota of musical talent.

  9. Blue-You are obviously not familiar with Dylan in the least bit. Dylan’s current shows do not require him to sing over three bands all armed with instruments. He was forced to sing over all the noise which resulted in him having to scream the lyrics. This problem never would have existed if the two bands playing along side his weren’t feeling like this was the highlight of their lives. Go listen to some current Dylan & you will find his voice is far better/different than what you witnessed. It was a poorly drawn up plan by someone and Dylan simply rolled with it, as this man has nothing to prove. Just ask the folks in Europe right now enjoying his sold out shows!

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