So here we are, the end of the year. We’re done and thrilled. Hope that you all have a Happy New Year (please drive safely). Just because we’re done blogging doesn’t mean that you should stop visiting music blogs. There are several out there and we approve of Some Kind Of Awesome, Antiquiet and Consequence of Sound as the best of all the quality sites out there. Print is pretty much dead but much respect to Rolling Stone for still being around even though all of my recent issues seem to be under 80 pages (1/3 of which are ads. I do appreciate the Harbor Freight coupons though).

Respect to all the music bookers on the late night show (even though most hate me) like Sheryl Zelikson (Letterman. she’s actually chill), Davis Powers (Last Call with Carson Daly. Also really nice guy), Jonathan Cohen (Fallon. This dude wants to punch us in the face, no joke. Dick but he books some good bands), Jim Pitt (Conan. Will never respond to us), Barbera Livis (Leno), Scott Igoe (Kimmel).

Also, publicists. We fought with you long and hard but you have a job to do. It’s really hard to push [side project of former big time rock star who won’t play live or do any press] but we respect you for trying. Just make sure that you get people’s names right and for God’s sake, use BCC when sending your emails. Also, we LOVE it when you actually pay some attention to us. How many of you actually use Google to see when we’ve posted (and reviewed) your artist before. A little research goes a long way. Also, we know that you’d rather be talking to Bob Boilen, a music booker or a writer at Billboard but you never know when one of us will get a job at one of those places and can actually help you out in the future. Don’t be a douche and be thrilled with every site that posts about your band, even if they use your press verbatim.

To other music bloggers out there, we wish you the best of success. Please try to resist posting on the same shit as everyone else purely for traffic. Do it because you love it and not because it improves your Google Page Rank or helps you get a link back from a bigger blog or some free promo from a label. Also, yes, publicists suck but cut them some slack if their constant contact is bugging and they send you the same email twice. Also, no, you’re not going to get that Mick Jagger interview until your site is big enough to earn it or you’re working some super angle (i.e. stamp site and Jagger has a brand new fuckin 70th anniversary Rolling Stones stamp coming out).

I really don’t have too much else to say but don’t let anyone (music bloggers, critics, friends)’s opinions of your favorite band affect you. Whether you like Arcade Fire and Interpol or Nickelback and Buckcherry or She Wants Revenge, Paper Route, U2, Lady Gaga, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell (Scream era.. or not), your local bar bands, don’t let someone rip on them with a simple “they suck” statement. Make them explain to you what bothers them about your band other than “everyone hates them”, “Conan made fun of them”, etc. At the end of the day, fuck music blogs, magazines, NPR, TV, major labels (and indie ones too), radio, Spotify and other streaming services. Listen to what you like and buy your favorite artist’s CD or a digital copy sometime so they can keep making music. Also, fuck you (we mean it like how your best friend says it when you’re joking around) but we love you. Later.

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