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TAP Interview: Anberlin’s Deon Rexroat

October 25, 2012 The Audio Perv 3

Anberlin recently released their sixth album Vital on October 16th (Universal Republic). Our writer Cassandra Paiva had the opportunity to talk to bassist Deon Rexroat on the eve of the release to discuss all the vital information about Vital, connecting with fans, and plans for a very busy upcoming year.

Hey! So, what’s up with you guys?

Just running around today doing all of our press before the album comes out tomorrow, since we played in LA last night …

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TAP Interview: Pacific Air’s Ryan Lawhon

October 24, 2012 The Audio Perv 3

Southern California duo Pacific Air is still kind of a new band, but they’re already making great strides. Our writer Cassandra Paiva talked to older brother, Ryan Lawhon on the night of their first CMJ/New York show about their start, touring, and two of the best things on the planet; music and food.

How are you?

I’m doing pretty well.
Where are you right now?

I am in the 7th floor lobby at the Holiday Inn in Soho.

You guys

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TAP Interview: The Drowning Men’s James Smith (Playing Mercury Lounge in NYC 10/27)

October 15, 2012 The Audio Perv 4

Five piece, California, indie-rock band, The Drowning Men are setting out on a US headline tour during the months of October and November. Our writer Cassandra Paiva caught up with guitarist James Smith right at the beginning of the tour. Read as they talk about touring, technique, and transvestites.
Fun fact: James and Cassandra unknowingly grew up literally a few miles away from each other. He recognized her area code and asked about it, to find out she lives in …

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TAP Exclusive Interview: AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno

October 4, 2012 The Audio Perv 0

It’s been a fun ride for AWOLNATION. The band has been touring incessantly since the release of their debut LP Megalithic Symphony released in the Spring of 2011. You may have heard the hit single “Sail” everywhere (on TV, movie trailers, ESPN highlights) but Megalithic Symphony is filled with great songs that show that AWOLNATION is not just another screaming rock band. We recently had a chance to check in with the band’s frontman Aaron Bruno before a show. …

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TAP Interview: Bad Weather California’s Chris Adolf (Playing Tonight in LA with The Lumineers)

October 2, 2012 The Audio Perv 1

We recently told you about the indie band Bad Weather California. Tonight, they play their second sold out show at the Henry Fonda Theatre with The Lumineers. Our writer Ace Ubas recently had a chance to check in with the band’s frontman Chris Adolf. Check it out below and catch the band live this fall.

What was the band listening to during the recording of Sunkissed?

Oh man. Probably the same kind of stuff we listen …

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TAP Exclusive Interview: Frank Turner (Playing NYC’s Webster Hall This Weekend)

September 27, 2012 The Audio Perv 0

Punk/folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner is wrapping up his US fall tour this weekend with back to back shows (Saturday 9/29 and Sunday 9/30) at Webster Hall in New York City. Our writer Matt Arena had the chance to speak with Frank recently about the new album, his side project Mongol Horde, headlining Wembley Arena and why he loves America. Read on more below:

How’s the tour going so far?

It’s great, at the moment it’s just a short run, about …

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TAP Exclusive Interview – Richard Wouters of Civil Twilight

August 28, 2012 The Audio Perv 0

Hot on the heels of the release of their second album Holy Weather and just before the start of their two and a month long tour, drummer Richard Wouters of Civil Twilight spoke with our writer Cassandra Paiva about the band’s writing and studio process, the addition of a new member, favorite tour memories, and plans for the coming year.

Your second album, Holy Weather has been out for almost six months now. Compared to the debut, how does this

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TAP Firefly Festival: Silversun Pickups

August 6, 2012 The Audio Perv 3

By Matt Arena

Earlier in the day before their headlining set at the secondary stage at Firefly Festival, we got the chance to sit down with Nikki Monninger (bass) and Joe Lester (keys) of Silversun Pickups to talk about their new album, their live aesthetic, and their love for vinyl records.

Congrats on the new album, it sounds fantastic.

Joe: Thanks, we’re really excited to start playing it live.

Nikki: We haven’t been able to play these songs at all …

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TAP Firefly Festival Interview: Imagine Dragons

August 2, 2012 The Audio Perv 1

By Matt Arena

After their early set at Firefly Festival, we got the chance to sit down with Dan Reynolds (lead singer) and D. Wayne Sermon (guitarist) of Imagine Dragons, to talk about their debut album, what it’s like being a band in Las Vegas, and their first ever TV appearance.

You guys have really taken off lately, and though I hate the term “buzz band” but if it applied to anybody it would be you, what’s it

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TAP Firefly Festival Interview: Young the Giant

August 1, 2012 The Audio Perv 0

By Matt Arena

Just prior to their set at the main stage at Firefly Festival, we were able to sit down with bassist Payam Doostzadeh from Young the Giant to talk about touring, plans for the second album, and how their experience changes with growing popularity.

You guys have had a really big year, is there one point in specific that you think was a really big jumping off point?

Yeah, everyone points to the VMAs as our big break …