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New 30 Seconds To Mars “Kings and Queens” (Listen Here)

October 6, 2009 drainu182 23

30 Seconds To Mars is an interesting band. I can never fully decide if I like them or not. Do I hold Jared Leto’s celebrity status against them or do they just not rock hard enough for me? “The Kill” was an excellent song that was overplayed on multiple formats. Anyways, here’s a new song from them “Kings and Queens.” It sounds kind of like Angels & Airwaves/Filter/Switchfoot. That might turn some of you off but listen to it anyways …

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30 Seconds to Mars being sued for $30 million for making long videos, wearing too much makeup, breaching contract

August 19, 2008 drainu182 0

30 Seconds To Mars is being sued for over $30 million for breach of contract for not delivering three of the five albums they’re due to deliver on their contract. The contract was signed in 1999 when the band was on Immortal Records. Jared Leto says that they were able to end their contract because of that crazy California Labor Code Sec. 2855 which allows termination of recording contracts in the state of California after 7 years. Lead singer Jared …