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Who will sing for Led Zeppelin? Robert Plant? Chris Cornell? Sammy Hagar? Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge? Video Evidence!

October 13, 2008 drainu182 0

There’s an article over at MTV Newsroom addressing all the rumors about who will be singing for Led Zeppelin. There have been several lately but none that shake people’s heads more than Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. Apparently Dee Snider knows all the scoup. He spoke with MuchMoreMusic (video included at the site) and says that Zep is ready to tour with Kennedy if Robert Plant won’t agree to tour. Now one would ask: Can Kennedy sing like Zeppelin? …

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Wanna tell Chris Cornell what you think about his album in person? Good, now you can

October 13, 2008 drainu182 0

Unfortunately, you have to live in one of the following cities to do so. Btw, you get to meet Timbaland too, get some free promo shwag and tickets to the show that night.

Come to one of the Verizon Wireless store appearances for a chance to meet the artists, get music, get tix to the show that night and more


Friday, October 17, 2008 3:00pm

Verizon Wireless Store 2073 S. Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222


Saturday, …

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Chris Cornell will stop breathing for you

October 9, 2008 drainu182 0

Chris Cornell posted another blog entry on his Myspace where he talks about trying to perform his new album, track to track, without additonal talking or breathing. He also gives a cliched rockstar speech about punk music, doing things his way, and keeping it real. How fun! Read on to see what else Chris said.

Hi. Wow. What a day. I’m rehearsing a new album front to back without any breaks in the music. No talking. No breathing. The album

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Chris Cornell loves to blog and meet his superfans

October 4, 2008 drainu182 0

So ex-Soundgarden/ex-Audioslave/ex-awesome grunge rocker Chris Cornell has been blogging lately on his Myspace. And he insists it’s him. Here’s his latest entry:

So here I am on the 7:05 pm Virgin America flt to Seattle to go into court tomorrow as I am being sued for my own guitars. Fun times! I was just thinking that you have to be smart enough to know that I am me and not some dude that writes Chris’ blogs because if I

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Chris Cornell hidden track on new album found

September 26, 2008 drainu182 0

Thanks to the Thomas Crown Chronicles, we’re able to bring you a new hidden track from Chris Cornell’s new album called “Two Drink Minimum”. The Perv has been listening to some of the new tracks off the record (at the request of readers) and my reaction is the same as of Johnny Firecloud from CraveOnline:

“They’re unfathomably bad – a pathetically distant echo of his Soundgarden/Audioslave roots. The songs are a true testament to Cornell’s desperation for a

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Chris Cornell continues onslaught of selling-out by writing songs for American Idol and touring with Timbaland – UPDATE

September 24, 2008 drainu182 10

Chris Cornell has always been the cool guy everyone’s loved from the Grunge Era. The guy who survived and kept it going. Sure there’s Pearl Jam but they got old, became political, tried to become relevant again and sorta failed. Cornell ended Soundgarden when they were at its peak, put out a really cool solo album and joined Rage Against The Machine. I mean he joined RATM without Zach and called it Audioslave which was really cool. The Perv had …