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Album Review: Crystal Fighters – Star of Love

May 9, 2012 The Audio Perv 0

Want to backpack through Europe without spending your life’s savings? Tired of typical punk rock bands and want to listen to something truly uniquely different? Ever heard of any of the following instruments: a txalaparta, a danbolin, and/or a txistu?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then you should give new to the American scene, Basque-county folk, techno, punk, dub step, culture combining, British/Spanish band Crystal Fighters a listen. As if that wasn’t a mouthful enough, …

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Crystal Fighters and Gold Fields 3/26 School Night! Bardot LA Photos

April 2, 2012 drainu182 0

Every Monday at School Night! at Bardot premiered nearly two years ago. Every Monday, they feature really great bands and best of all, the shows are free. Last Monday, School Night! had two of the hottest international acts (fresh from SXSW) playing: Crystal Fighters (London) and Gold Fields (New Zealand). Both bands are signed to major labels (Crystal Fighters on Atlantic, Gold Fields on EMI/Astralwerks). We had discussed booking both bands at our SXSW party but we couldn’t make it …