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New Incubus – “Black Heart Inertia” (MP3)

April 1, 2009 drainu182 1

Incubus’s “Black Heart Inertia” is making its way online for promo listening and we wanted to bring it to you. As you may know already from our previous post, you can pre-order the group’s greatest hits album, “Monuments and Melodies” at where you’ll get a high quality download of the single “Black Heart Inertia” as well as a unique presale code to purchase tickets to a date on Incubus’s summer tour. “Black Heart Inertia” (on radio April 16th) …

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Incubus New Album and Summer Tour

March 13, 2009 drainu182 2

Incubus’s new two disc greatest hits album, “Monuments and Melodies”, will be coming out on June 16th. It’ll have a few new songs and rarities as well. The first single, “Black Heart Inertia”, will be hitting radio on April 16th. In support of the new album, the band will be hitting the road this summer and if you pre-order the album on, you’ll get access to an exclusive Internet pre-sale. You can buy the album as either a …

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Tribute to TRL Part 4: 2001

October 11, 2008 drainu182 0

As part of our continuing tribute to TRL, here’s part 4 with the top 5 videos of 2001. In the year 2001, there was a space odyssey.. just kidding. 2001 was one of the most important years ever because of 9/11 and yes, the world does revolve around the US and the US revolves around NY. Here’s the top 5 videos of 2001:

Weezer – Island In The Sun

Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Linkin Park …

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Tribute to TRL Part 2: 1999

September 27, 2008 drainu182 0

As part of our continuing tribute to TRL, here’s part 2 with the top 5 videos of 1999. 1999 was a special year for all of us. Some people were born, some died. Some really important things happened and life was never the same for everyone as we know it. With that, here are the top 5 videos of 1999:

Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again

Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

Incubus – Pardon Me

Korn – Freak