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Metallica and Guns N Roses to tour together?

January 16, 2009 spidersex 0

According to Contact Music, Metallica would consider touring again with Guns N Roses. They apparently liked “Chinese Democracy” and are big GNR fans. Drummer Lars Ulrich said “We’re road dogs. We love to tour. So we’d never say no. We’ve learned never to say no to anything, and all four of us love Chinese Democracy.” Guitarist Kirk Hammett, however, thinks it’s unlikely that the tour will happen but he did say “The real question is whether they would tour …

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Kirk Hammett talks about solo album, early Metallica, Kurt Cobain

September 23, 2008 drainu182 0

With the new Metallica album dropping, there’s been a cornucopia of interviews, news, blurbs and all that other stuff. The Perv’s trying to limit their coverage but thought it’d be interesting to share a video clip of Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s guitarist, talking about how Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was a big fan of the band and about the early days of Metallica in this Rolling Stone interview. Click to see the video